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Zinc Rich Primer

Zinc Rich Primer is a two-pack epoxy zinc-rich primer for steelwork.

  • Conforms to ISO 12944 zinc content composition

  • Excellent resistance to undercutting from damaged areas

  • Over-coatable with epoxy, epoxy pitch, chlorinated rubber, vinyl or polyurethane coatings

  • Suitable for inland, aggressive and coastal environments where long life expectancy is required

  • May be used for protection in a single coat where cosmetic appearance is not important

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A two-pack epoxy zinc-rich primer for steelwork.

Product Type: Primer

Finish: Matt

Volume Solids: 52% +/- 2%

Practical Coverage: 471 ± 20 g/litre

Flash Point: 23-60°C

Suitable Preparation: Blast clean to Sa 2.5 (ISO 8501-1:2007), surface profile 50-75 microns

All surfaces to be coated should be dry and cleaned as necessary to remove all oil, grease, salts, weld flux or other contamination. Where necessary, remove weld spatter and grind smooth all sharp edges and weld seams

Application Methods: Airless Spray, Conventional Spray, Brush.

Storage: Always store and transport in a secure upright position. Store the closed container in a cool dry place. Keep away from extremes of temperature.

Pack Size: 5 Litre.