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2 Pack Epoxy Finish

2 Pack Epoxy Finish is a high performance, tough interior coating with excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals, mechanical damage and particularly for exposures subject to high levels of humidity or occasional water immersion. Excellent corrosion resistance, but should not be used externally because all epoxy topcoats breakdown when exposed to UV light, causing them to chalk readily and for the colour to darken and yellow.

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A high performance, high gloss, chemical and solvent resistant finish typically used on Machinery, process steelwork, fixed plant and portable equipment where high levels of humidity, aggressive aqueous chemicals or immersion conditions exist. For example in industrial or chemical plant.

Finish: Satin Finish

Volume Solids: 52% +/- 2%

Touch Dry: 90 minutes

Hard Dry: 8 Hours

Overcoating Time: Min. 4 Hours  |  Max. Unlimited

Surface Preparation: Castle 2 Pack Epoxy can be applied to most adequately pretreated substrates which have been previously primed with Castle 2 pack Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer. Where extreme environmental conditions are found e.g. sewage treatment plants, marine environments etc. a minimum of 1 coat of 2 pack Epoxy Inter-coat should be additionally applied. Surfaces must be dry, sound and free from dirt, dust and grease. Previously painted glossy surfaces should be lightly abraded prior to application to promote adhesion.

Application: Apply 1-2 coats or as specified

Application Method: Brush or spray

Storage: Always store and transport in a secure upright position. Store the closed container in a cool dry place.

Pack Size: 5 Litre, 20 Litre.

RAL or BS Colours