Castle Paints

Construction & Machinery

1 Pack Polyurethane C.V

Vehicle Refinish and or Coating of Vehicles or Trailers

A high-performance fast drying, high build, high gloss durable finish for commercial transport. Typically dries with a tack-free time of 3-4 hours, and can be taped up, using low tack tape within 6-8 hours for ‘same day two-tone work.

Metal Finishing – particularly Agricultural & Construction Equipment (ACE)

Widely used in the Agricultural & Construction Equipment sectors, where it is usually applied by airless spray.

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It is only occasionally used in the general Metal Finishing sector instead of F.D Enamel when an ‘exhibition finish’ is required or if there is a need for more resistance to cutting oils and mild chemicals.

Product Type: Paint

Short Description: A high-performance fast drying, high build, high gloss with a  durable finish.

Drying Time (Touch Dry): 4-6 Hours (10oC)  |  2-3 Hours (20oC)

Drying Time (Hard Dry): 16 Hours (10oC)  |  16 Hours (20oC)

Overcoating Time: Min. 16 Hours (10oC/20oC)  |  Max. 3 Days (10oC/20oC)

Suitable Surface: Surfaces must be dry, sound and free from dirt, dust, oil and grease. Prime/Undercoat with Castle C.V Primer.

Previously painted glossy surfaces should be lightly abraded prior to application of the primer/undercoat to gain adhesion.

Any non-ferrous metals should first be pre-treated with a Wash Primer or 1 pack Etch Primer.

Theoretical Coverage: 12.5 sqm/litre at 40 microns dry

Storage: Store in cool, dry conditions typically 5-25°C. After a period of storage, the product should be thoroughly stirred.

Usable life is 2 years from the date of manufacture in unopened containers.

Available in an extensive range of BS, RAL and other colours from our mixing scheme.