Castle Paints


Google Data Centres

Castle Paints were contacted by a contractor to come up with a solution to repairing scratches and damages to insulated cladding panels on the internal walls of Google data centres in Denmark. The client was repairing individual panels which had to look identical to that of the original panels. The product had to be LEED compliant, adhere to plastic coated cladding, be the same colour and sheen level as the original. After testing ShileldX Cladding Coat was used to great success for adhesion, coverage and ease of application.

Image of Google Data Centre Denmark

Problems and solutions


Firstly we got panels from the client and tested various water based paints on the surface and found the ShiledX Cladding Coat to have excellent adhesion on the plastic coated cladded surface.


Using the Datacolor colour matching software system we formulated and matched the colour to the samples.


The sheen level of the original cladding coat was adjusted to match that of the original panels so on light reflection the painted panels would look almost the same as the original panels.

ShiledX Cladding Coat was subsequently approved and used in Google Data centres in Denmark

ShieldX Cladding Coat offers a high level of elasticity and excellent corrosion protection. It is specially formulated for the refurbishment of pre-coated metal cladding that has become weathered, dull or discoloured over time enabling the cladding to be restored to a pristine condition. It also offers outstanding adhesion to plastics and metals which conventional paints won’t adhere to including galvanised steel and aluminium